“No-one has ever explained it that clearly to me before”

A service-based entrepreneur or course creator frustrated with funnels? I get it. Funnels can be intimidating, long, and difficult, BUT I’ll let you in on a little secret - They’re much easier than you think!

If you’re dreaming of a life of freedom where you can scale your business, funnels are the answer. Stop playing small. You’ve got big dreams and a bigger heart. 

The roadmap to freedom with funnels is here and it’s all inside my course. 

Let me guess…

You’re fresh in the online space and you’re all excited about your first product! Congrats! You created a great product, you’ve got awesome testimonials, you think you have it all figured out until… it’s time to build a working funnel. 

You freak out, shut your computer and forget about it! “Nope, it’s too overwhelming” you say to yourself as you go back to scrolling on instagram in hopes of your product selling itself after you made a couple of cute posts about it.

It’s okay, we’ve all been there. 

Are You...

What is a funnel and where do I learn to create one?

Do these sound familiar?

Is a funnel right for me and my business?

How can I scale my business faster with funnels?

Building funnels is so confusing! I don’t understand it at all!

What emails should I use in my funnel to convert potential customers?

Where do I even start?

I’ll show you a clear, easy, repeatable process and the “why” behind each step so you have a full understanding of your funnel before you hit publish. 

Start increasing your income to bring you one step closer 
to the freedom you desire. 

You’re going to start right here where I’ll hand you the 
blueprint to building your funnel.

give me the details

Is this you?

Need a funnel that works and know the basics but haven’t got a clue where to start

You know you need a funnel but the thought of creating one makes your stomach churn

You dream of creating passive income to scale your biz, hit your cap on time, do less and make more, but learning funnels is a big turn off

You have a few pieces completed for a funnel but don’t have a roadmap to figuring out how to connect everything smoothly

You attempted a funnel once and gave up because the process took extremely long and you weren’t given instructions on how to create it

You don’t consider yourself a “techie” and avoid building a funnel at all costs

You want to learn how to do it on your own and save the cost of outsourcing 

You don’t know if your funnel is working because you don’t know how to measure the results and you’re left guessing if you’ve done it right

You have awesome ideas but don’t know how to execute them

You have a worthy product but you’re unsure about how to sell it

If funnels freak you out, 
Let's talk


Regine Anderson, Empowerment Coach

The best thing about this programme was that Christina made it SO simple and tangible for beginners! 

She explains everything in a clear and concise way and provides plenty of supplementary information to help with things like fb ads, copywriting and troubleshooting

It really is a COMPREHENSIVE course! You get all the tools to build the perfect funnel for any stage of business and to expand your funnels as your business and confidence grows. 
I would 100% recommend it!

Joanna, Coach, trainer & advocate of Flourishing Introverts.

"I knew I needed a working knowledge of funnels, but I've always found them confusing.
Through Christina Bernhard's Funnel Academy programme, I now have a clear understanding of what to do and when, plus some fabulous resources for planning & tracking.

Her programme is both thorough and understandable. Thank you for taking the fear out of funnels for me Christina."

Rachel, Writing coach and founder of Capturing your Confidence

"The Funnels Academy has literally changed my business. I came into this course with a vague idea and hardly any knowledge about funnels. this course allowed me to see the inner workings of a funnel so that I not only understand what all of the pieces are, but also how they function within the big picture. I now have all the pieces of my funnel built and have been putting them into place.

It’s a lot but WOW - I’ve learned so much! I can truly say that I would not have been able to figure it out without this course. So so worth the time & effort. Christina is so knowledgeable and good at answering questions in a way that makes you feel good about your progress that you’ll never second guess your decision to take the course. 100% recommend with no reservations."

What others are saying

How To Build A (Freedom) Funnel In No Time

Market Research Your Audience → Learn How To Capture The Audience’s Attention → Design a Captivating Landing Page → Write A Compelling Email Campaign → Build Relationships With New & Existing Customers

Sounds simple, right? 

That’s because it is! I’m going to teach exactly what you need to create your marketing funnel to convert your leads into customers with a step-by-step process you can understand and replicate to scale your business and make the passive income you want.


No more DIY-ing your funnel! I’ve got the ultimate funnels course to take you from overwhelmed to optimized. 

There’s no time to waste on search engines to figure this out by yourself. Save the long hours and wasted money on things that don’t work.

Put your business on autopilot with the right tools, integrations, automated systems, and knowledge to attract, nurture and convert leads into loyal customers!

Here’s The Solution!

Learn the funnel process with an easy, step-by-step, all-in-one course to help you scale your business, grow your audience, increase your sales 
and work less!


Welcome to


Why The Funnels Academy?

Learn the funnel fundamentals and how to confidently implement them quickly and effectively with strategies

Learn how to develop a content strategy to speak to your audience

Learn a simple step-by-step, A-Z funnel creation process you can be proud of 

Learn how to properly fill and measure your funnels

Learn all the tech integrations to build a smooth funnel

Learn how to set-up your Facebook pixel

Learn how to create lead magnets, landing pages, thank you pages, email sequences and write copy for each piece

Learn the fundamentals of paid and organic promotions

Learn how your metrics work and analyze your analytics


Design your own

Freedom Funnel

Week 1

Week 2

Implementation Week

Use this week to finish creating your freebie, landing pages, email sequences, etc. 


Week 3

Map Your Funnel

Learn the pieces of a funnel, how they work together and how to map out a full plan for your funnel and plug in all the pieces.



Fill Your Funnel

Learn how to drive traffic to your funnel with organic marketing and  Facebook ads to build campaigns & fill your funnel without a huge audience

Measure Your funnel

Learn the important metrics, what they mean & how to make adjustments to your funnel based on your data.

Week 4


Link The Pieces

Learn how to seamlessly integrate the best tools & build out email automations step-by-step with instructional videos.

Week 5

Week 6




Content Creation

Learn how to create engaging content like lead magnets, build landing pages & email copywriting. We will also go into mapping out our email sequences.

What's Inside?

Five Modules

Built to give you everything you need to plan, build, create, integrate, promote and measure a profitable funnel for your business.

($2000 value)

Workbooks with every module

Each workbook is to help you follow the exercises in the lessons, as well as have a written form of instruction so you can stay on track throughout the course. 

($500 value)

Step-by-Step tech tutorials

Use step-by-step video instruction done by me to help walk you through every part of integrating your tools, building your landing pages, installing tracking codes, building email automations and so much more. 

($500 value)

Funnel Goal projections and analytics sheet

One of the most important parts of creating a successful funnel is to know how to measure and optimize it for optimal performance. Learn how to measure your funnel performance, as well as create accurate projections. 

($249 value)

Funnels Glossary

Don't worry about ever feeling lost when it comes to funnel language and lingo. Have a glossary at your fingertips so you can always have a reference whenever you need it. 

($97 value)



save by paying in full 


5 Funnel Modules

Funnel metrics and Troubleshooting guide

5 Module Workbooks

In-Depth Training and Step-by-step Tech Videos


One Payment of

20 Lessons

BONUS: Funnel mapping Trello Board

BONUS: Funnel Building Project Plan

Tech plans and funnel goal templates

Payment PLan



Two Payments of

5 Funnel Modules

Funnel metrics and Troubleshooting guide

5 Module Workbooks

In-Depth Training and Step-by-step Tech Videos

20 Lessons

BONUS: Funnel mapping Trello Board

BONUS: Funnel Building Project Plan

Tech plans and funnel goal templates

Funnel toolkit and glossary

Funnel toolkit and glossary

BONUS: Facebook group with Live Q&A

BONUS: Facebook group with Live Q&A

How does this work?

Here is the break down.

Pay $97 to reserve your spot NOW!

Pay $300 by the start of the program and 4 more payments of $397.


enroll now for $97

And of course


Funnel Mapping Trello Board


Facebook group community with live Q&As

Why they think you should buy

"The Funnel Academy is a complete course about building your funnels so you never lose a conversion again! I can’t believe how much I learned and how easy Christina made it! You’ll follow a step-by-step process to build your own funnel from determining your goal to how to trouble shoot your funnel! Christina gives access to so much in this course for you to succeed, there’s no guessing work, it’s a clear path to follow to build your sales funnels and make sure it’s ready to convert your traffic! I would honestly recommend to take this course as it made my journey so easy and even fun! I’m confident my funnels and the future funnels I’ll be building will help me convert more and more clients, thanks to Christina!"


"Opt-in funnels seem like they’re easy, just create a freebie, put it out into the world and collect email addresses. But as soon as you get into the work, you realize there’s a whole lot more to them. Christina’s Funnels Academy not only reveals the whole process of proper funnel creation, but takes you through step by step so that you’re never lost. More than that, the way Christina has you set up your system prepares you for the long term of your business when you will have multiple opt-in funnels available at the same time. 
I had not really made a funnel before because I was afraid of making a mess of the whole thing - the funnel steps, my email list, and getting traffic into it to begin with. After completing this course, I know I have it set up correctly so the funnels can do their real job as an effective sales tool. If you’re like I was and are intimidated by this process, taking the Funnels Academy course will help you feel prepared and confident."


"I highly recommend Christina’s Funnel Academy. It has been such a HUGE help to me in my business in guiding me to really be able to visualize and figure out where I’m going with my freebies, sales, emails, and everything in between! I found her method and her templates really unique, unlike any product I’ve seen before, where she literally lays out HOW to plan your funnel, visually. And the training on Facebook Ads -- So helpful! I FINALLY figured out Facebook Pixel thanks to her training! Thank you Christina for such a useful course."


Do you


Learn every strategy, process, and system with easy-to-follow instructions?

Confidently create a sales strategy that works every time?

Sell the “non-sleazy” way?

Know exactly what you need to do to build a functional funnel?

Create a sustainable marketing plan you’re confident about?

you could...

It’s time to set yourself free and design life the way you want to.

Hi! I'm Christina

I help female entrepreneurs take their business to the next level to go from booked out with clients to scaling their business with passive revenue streams.

I’m a Facebook Ads Manager & Funnels Consultant who loves a smooth sailing funnel and I want to teach you how to easily create a fully integrated funnel you can learn and implement right away!

I decided corporate wasn’t for me and decided to ditch my 9-5 and commit to creating a name for myself online. I hustled for every lead, worked hard to put systems in place and found myself struggling to build a sustainable business. The loophole was in my marketing strategy, I didn’t have a machine to help me scale on autopilot. I know what it’s like to feel the overwhelm from growing your business and know that there are so many moving parts. 

My mission is to help you take intentional action when building your automated machines called funnels. Don’t worry! I make funnels clear for you. The Funnels Academy was built from the never ending questions I receive daily and I wanted to create a course that would 

A. Take the overwhelm and frustration out of funnels 
B. Make the process incredibly simple so you get excited to start building your funnel 
C. Give you the freedom to work less and make more with funnels

Let’s start building your money-making machine!


Entrepreneur Coach


Pinterest manager

Take it from them

This Funnels Course Is For You If You Want To...

Have a step-by-step blueprint on how to get started with funnels

Excel at creating courses and master the art of building passive income

Find the missing pieces of your marketing puzzle and glue them back together

Remove the overwhelm and frustration out of business so you can focus on your zone of genius

Learn how to build funnels so it’s one less thing you have to outsource

Does this sound like you? Click the button below!


I'm ready for


Sign me up!

save by paying in full 


One Payment of

Payment PLan


2 Payments of



How does this work?

Here is the break down.

Pay $97 to reserve your spot NOW!

Pay $300 by the start of the program and 4 more payments of $397.


enroll now for $97

“Really enjoyed this content. Explained clearly and finally I understand the way a funnel works. Bravo!”

- Justine

Are there certain tools you have to have?

This course comes with a toolkit filled with everything you need to get started including step-by-step set-up tutorials using ActiveCampaign and Leadpages.

This course was designed for all skill levels and tech abilities! I walk you through each training to eliminate the confusion so you can seamlessly integrate your tools!

Do you have to be a tech person?

This is a dripped course and to save you from information overwhelm, you’ll only be given the content each week instead of it thrown at you all at once.

After I purchase, is all the content already inside?

This program is designed for you to go at your own pace. You don’t have to start right away with everyone else and you can decide to move as slow or fast as you would like. 

What if I’m not ready to move at the same pace as the program?

The program is yours for life! Since there will likely be future updates, you will receive a notification and receive the updated version for free! 

How long will I get access to the program?


This is the only funnel course you’ll ever need.

You missed it!

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