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Hey online entrepreneur and course creator! It’s about time you scale your business with Facebook Ads and Funnels!

Have you been spending months creating funnels and paying more than you expected to not see ANY results?

Your team needs an expert to take the stress and overwhelm of ads and funnels off of your plate so you can spend time doing the work you love while your business runs on autopilot!

If you’re the type of person who enjoys a long morning routine, sweating at the gym, or spending time with friends and family, you’ll def want to have an expert to rely on to handle the nitty-gritty parts of your business. 

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Get it done right
(the first time)! 


No tech, no overwhelm, no wasting money, no measuring or wondering if your funnel works at all. 

We build a functional and profitable funnel that does the work for you! This means no stress, no Googling the “How-To’s” or DM-ing every funnel expert on Insta to help you DIY it.

Facebook Ads & Funnels are all about taking big risks and going all in and we know the bigger the project, the greater the impact so let’s kick your business in gear with the tools and strategies you need to convert visitors in paying, loyal customers that convert with ease!

Are you as excited to get this party (I mean, project) started? If you’re a fit for the funnel, let’s chat!

Organic is out, paid is in! 
You’ve tested out multiple offers and funnels BUT you’re not seeing the killer results you hoped for. You’re not a failure. You haven’t found the right ads expert...until now!
Are you paying top dollar and not seeing profitable results? Our team helps you create and manage Facebook Ads that speak directly to your customer and convert well. 
Every campaign is unique so we target, test, and repeat with a comprehensive method to make sure they work and the message is clear for your target audience! 

We focus on helping you scale your business so you can stay in your lane without the stress.

- Monthly 30 minute consulting calls
- Facebook ads strategy aligned with campaign goals
- Facebook ads management:
     - Includes FB Ads campaign builds, ad creative, pixel/conversion tracking setups and necessary on-going changes to ensure high performance.
- Weekly updates via PDF with full access to the marketing dashboard to watch your campaign performance in real time with helpful descriptions for each metric. 

 Copywriting available for add-on cost per campaign 

Facebook Ads Management

done-for-you management


Investment: $1500/month*

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*Requires a 3-month commitment. Does not include Facebook Ad spend, which is a recommended $2,000/month. Save $300 off with a 6-month commitment.

Your funnel is the vehicle that gets your visitors from point A to point B. If there’s an issue along the way, it could hold you back from making a sale.
This package has everything a funnel has to offer and sells for you behind-the-scenes! 
Everyone DREAMS of passive income and evergreen funnels so why not have it done right and feel uber confident in having your launch taken care of?
Pssst! We also include 30 days of troubleshooting to check-in that your funnel is fully functional and performing at its best! If not, we come up with a new strategy and pivot to make sure you have a successful funnel! 

- 1 hour consulting call
- Funnel strategy and game plan
- Lead magnet design
- Optin and confirmation page design 
- 6 email sales sequence strategy, formatting and automation build
- Short sales and confirmation page and design
- All tech, integrations, tagging, and tracking setup
- Voxer Access
30 days of troubleshooting (starts after funnel is complete)
     - Custom funnel performance dashboard
    - Two Bi-weekly funnel performance audits
     - 30 minute call to discuss performance and audits

New Funnel Build

Done-for-you services


Investment: $2,000*

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*Copywriting available for add-on. Payment plans available.

Do you have a current funnel that you're ready to make evergreen?

Going evergreen unlocks unlimited potential for your business. While you may have many of your funnel pieces all together, there's an art to crafting together a funnel into an evergreen structure. This package audits all of your pieces for strategic optimizations, changes the language in your copy to fit an evergreen schedule and sets up all new required tech integrations and tracking to make sure your new evergreen funnel runs seamlessly in the background. 

And as always, we also include 30 days of troubleshooting to check-in that your funnel is fully functional and performing at its best! If not, we come up with a new strategy and pivot to make sure you have a successful funnel! 

- 1 hour consulting call 
- Email marketing and funnel strategy 
- Lead magnet audits (unlimited) 
- Optin page audits (unlimited)
- Salespage audits (unlimited)
- Evergreen webinar tech setup
- Necessary copy edits to align with evergreen
- Email automations rebuild, tagging and integrations setup (Including deadline funnel integration)
- All necessary tracking setup 
- Voxer Access
30 days of troubleshooting (starts after funnel is complete) 
     - Custom funnel performance dashboard
     - Two Bi-weekly funnel performance audits
     - 30 minute call to discuss performance and audits

Evergreen Funnel Rebuild

transform your current live funnel to evergreen


Investment: $950*

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*Custom add-ons available

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Running your own Facebook Ads? This is for you if you want to manage your own Facebook Ads, but you need a game plan created by a professional with some guidance on your current ads. 
In this strategy session, I will share my screen to give you a tour of your ads manager and current ads. I will teach you how to implement the game plan we come up with and you'll get a recording of our call to be able to review all the steps! 
We will end off with a Q&A where you can pick my brain of how you can reach your business goals with Facebook ads. 

- Audit of current Facebook Ads campaign 
- 1-hour consulting call with screen share of strategy and demonstrations
- Optimization game plan and strategy
- 1 week of Voxer

Facebook Ads Intensive



Investment: $    


Feeling confident? This is for you if you have a funnel BUT you want to get the expert’s nod of approval to see if you’ve done everything properly. 
Ask me any questions or get my opinion on your digital marketing strategy. We talk about your goals, results, and next steps.
Together, we’ll walk through your funnel and figure out what’s missing and strategize a cohesive game plan so you can start seeing the customers pouring in!

- One hour consulting call
- Carefully planned marketing strategy with step-by-step game plan
- One Content Audit
- Two weeks of Voxer Access

Funnel Intensive



Investment: $497

get started

Investment: $    


How do I know if I’m ready for Facebook ads or Funnels?

You tried and tested a proven offer with a funnel but didn’t see the results you expected 

You have a monthly ad spend of at least $2k/month 

You want an ads and funnels expert you can trust to build out a fully functional and profitable funnel

You’ve launched multiple times and collected tons of feedback

You’re a successful course creator or entrepreneur super close to hitting the six-figure mark

You’re ready to turn your course/program into an evergreen product and you’ve already tested its success so there’s no second guessing

You want to feel confident and secure knowing an expert is taking the work off of your plate and your investment IS NOT going down the drain

You know how important a high-converting funnel is and you’re ready to commit and make a profitable investment for the long-term

Here’s the deal...If you said YES to the above, you’re ready to get started with a Funnels and Facebook Ads expert!


What does your process look like?

We work closely with online entrepreneurs, small online business owners, and course creators!

Who do you work with?

Results will differ between you and other entrepreneurs. It may take some time before you start to see consistent results. Before we hit the ground running, we’ll research and develop a strong strategy and move into the testing phase. The length of time will vary based on where you are in your business, how proven your offer is and how close you are to a finished funnel or your next launch.

How long will it take until I see results?

At least $2000 USD monthly.

What’s the recommended amount I invest in Facebook Ad spend?

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