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In a world overflowing with marketing advice, you need simple, straight-forward wellness marketing advice for YOUR industry that supports YOUR mission. Tune in for short episodes that bring you everything you need to know to get your wellness business online.

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Podcast 14: Your first 5 steps before creating a marketing strategy

By Christina Bernhard | May 6, 2019

I have seen a ton of marketing strategies and one thing I always see lacking is the foundation for them. A marketing strategy isn’t about choosing Facebook or Instagram. You have to figure out what you are marketing, why and to who. Might seem simple until you sit down and try to define it. It […]

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Podcast 13: Find your mission: The why and how

By Christina Bernhard | April 29, 2019

Before you start anything with marketing your business, your mission needs to be clear. In this episode, I talk about why it’s important to have a mission and how you can define it. Defining it includes 5 specific parts that I walk you through to have a much more clear message to share with the […]

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Podcast 12: Building a personal brand: The why and how

By Christina Bernhard | April 22, 2019

When spending so much time and effort branding our businesses, this is something I see neglected all the time. Branding can be a slower process where you don’t see instant conversions and results. This prevents people from focusing on branding, but it’s important to remember that sales and branding are separate initiatives. In this episode, […]

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Podcast 10: Creating your first content plan

By Christina Bernhard | April 8, 2019

Content is the key to growing your online business. Content used to mean blogging, but now it is so much more. Learn how to create your first content plan and tips to think about to ensure your content creation on a consistent basis will be a success! For more marketing tips for your wellness business, […]

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Podcast 09: A simple sales funnel breakdown

By Christina Bernhard | April 1, 2019

  When creating a marketing strategy, it is really important to fully understand the sales funnel and how it works. Understanding the sales funnel allows you to create a strategy that guides people throughout their journey towards making a decision to work with you rather than blasting your business to people that aren’t ready to […]

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Podcast 08: My favorite digital marketing tools

By Christina Bernhard | March 25, 2019

In this episode, I talk about each of my favorite tools, the features they have, other similar tools that seem to work just as well and the pricing for each one. With all the tools out there, it can be really expensive quickly to put together a system of all the tools you need to […]