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In a world overflowing with marketing advice, you need simple, straight-forward wellness marketing advice for YOUR industry that supports YOUR mission. Tune in for short episodes that bring you everything you need to know to get your wellness business online.

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What happens when you take your wellness business online

What happens when you take your wellness business online

By Christina Bernhard | October 8, 2019

If you’re a wellness professional that has built a practice that you want to take online, it’s essential that you learn to navigate this new space. In order to be successful marketing yourself online, there are necessary shifts you will have to make to succeed.  Almost all of my clients in the past have experienced […]

Most popular lead magnets: Which is right for you?

By Christina Bernhard | September 30, 2019

Last week I talked about the importance of building your email list. If you aren’t sold on why you should be building your email list or making it a number one priority and haven’t checked out that episode, listen to it here. If you’re here, you’re probably well aware of its importance since you’re curious […]

How to get started building an email list

The importance of building an email list and how to get started

By Christina Bernhard | September 24, 2019

Building an email list is something everyone should be making a top priority. I know many people are doing things here and there, but they aren’t using their fullest potential and going all in on the idea!  Growing your email list by collecting email addresses from those who are interested in the topics you are […]

Setting strategic goals with Patricia Bohl

By Christina Bernhard | September 19, 2019

Here goes my first guest on the show! Patricia Bohl is the founder of Patricia Bohl Marketing where she helps yoga instructors build their businesses!  Patricia joins me in talking about setting goals for your life and how to determine what those goals are. We talk about what it means to set goals and Patricia […]

Consistently create high quality content with these content marketing tools

By Christina Bernhard | September 16, 2019

As part of my content series, one thing I know that is so important is TOOLS. Different software can change your entire business. The functionality of certain tools can shave off several hours of work, as well as create even better results.  I, myself am a tool and software nerd. I will try just about […]

Top five content planning mistakes

By Christina Bernhard | September 9, 2019

I’ve spent quite a bit of time talking about strategy and preparing for it. There is still a lot more great things coming to you about strategy! But for now, I want to go over content, because it’s such an important piece of your wellness marketing strategy.  I kick off this new content series with […]