When spending so much time and effort branding our businesses, this is something I see neglected all the time. Branding can be a slower process where you don’t see instant conversions and results. This prevents people from focusing on branding, but it’s important to remember that sales and branding are separate initiatives. In this episode, […]

April 22, 2019

Podcast 12: Building a personal brand: The why and how

  When creating a marketing strategy, it is really important to fully understand the sales funnel and how it works. Understanding the sales funnel allows you to create a strategy that guides people throughout their journey towards making a decision to work with you rather than blasting your business to people that aren’t ready to […]

April 1, 2019

Podcast 09: A simple sales funnel breakdown

One path to furthering your education is through a really good collection of books. I have found good books to be extremely educational, inspiring and helpful. And for a really good price in return! In this episode, I talk about my 5 favorite marketing books. I have found these books valuable and recommend them to […]

February 25, 2019

Podcast 04: My top 5 favorite marketing books

  In the wellness industry, getting personal with our audience has been more important than ever. In this episode, I break down a few ways to get more personal with your audience and how you can do it for your business. Building trust with your audience is what is going to allow you to create […]

February 13, 2019

Podcast 03: How to get more personal with your audience

In this episode, I talk about the part of business a lot of business owners are skipping and how it is impacting their business. I discuss the changes that are being made in the industry and ways you can keep up with these changes to prevent being left behind by your competition and how you […]

February 11, 2019

Podcast 02: The key to marketing in 2019

In this episode, I go over what digital marketing really is and how to become successful at it. So many people are discouraged by their digital marketing efforts and get frustrated quickly by their lack of results early in the game. I break down some reasons why that is based on my own experiences working […]

February 10, 2019

Podcast 01: Why most digital marketing doesn’t work

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