I'm Christina. And my dream is to build yours. 

My mission to inspire others to go all in on their dreams, spread their message and connect with the people that need them.

I grew up like many 90’s kids in Texas did. On hotdogs, mac and cheese and hamburger helper. I didn’t know a thing about health and by the time I got to college, those bad habits caught up to me - way too soon in life. While I somehow managed to stay thin, I felt horrible and I wanted to know if there was a better way to live. 

A million books, blogs, kitchen adventures, nutrition label studying in every grocery aisle later, I transformed my entire life and became obsessed with wellness. I almost instantly became a vegetarian yogi that traveled and went to retreats and personal development seminars. 

As I transitioned from college into the corporate world, I grew into my career and skills until I was the marketing and creative director at a large law firm in Texas and built a marketing department that never existed before me. I excelled in my career doing what I loved and still found myself unfulfilled wondering if there was something else out there for me. 

After all those years of personal and professional transformations, I found myself with a dream and an ounce of confidence that I could maybe make it happen. I started creating the habit of breaking through my comfort zone and got so good at it I eventually let go of all things comfortable, quit my job, packed up my home, traded my belongings for a backpack of clothes and went on a journey to travel the world doing what I truly love. 

I’m paying back the wellness industry for changing my life in the best way I know how - marketing consulting and helping online wellness businesses go all in on their business, find clarity, spread their message and connect with the people that need them. 

If you're ready to grow this thing, I've got you. 

I'd love to hear from you - christina@christinabernhard.com


What others have to say

Christina Bernhard was amazing to work with in creating our website. The professionalism and knowledge she displayed along with her timely response was very impressive. Being the technology challenged person I am and not having any idea of what I wanted or needed she definitely had a task at hand from the start.

- Tammie

So thankful for all her help. She was great, efficient, quick, and finished the task in half of the allotted time budget. Great communication too. She kept me up to date each step of the project.


Christina communicated well and responded quick to answer any questions I had for me project. I'm looking forward to working with her in the future.


Christina was great. Clear communication and delivered the project as promised. Very happy with her work!


I hired Christina and couldn't have been more satisfied with the outcome. She did a great job on the project, hit every deadline she set, executed the tasks well, and continuously communicated throughout the process. I will be using Christina's services again when needed, and I recommend using Christina as well.


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